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GoSilico's ChromX chromatography simulation software allows your chromatography lab experiments to be brought to the computer. Initialize a computer model of your column with only three to five experiments and simulate all further lab experiments in-silico.



A Versatile Simulation Software for Preparative Liquid Chromatography Processes

Save Time and Money

Skip up to 95% of your lab experiments to achieve process optimization and characterization.


Improve Quality, Reduce Risks

Perform in-silico process optimization, robustness studies, and worst-case analyses.

Utilize Quality-by-Design

Gain a mechanistic understanding of your process and fulfill regulatory expectations.


Meet the Team Behind GoSilico

Dr. Tobias Hahn

Dr. Tobias Hahn

Chief Executive Officer

During his PhD in the field of biotechnology, Tobias utilized his background in applied mathematics and software development to create the chromatography simulation software ChromX. As a co-founder of GoSilico, he’s responsible for product development and consultancy. Besides facilitating chromatography simulation, he’s passionate about outdoor activities and his little family.

Dr. Thiemo Huuk

Dr. Thiemo Huuk

Chief Executive Officer

Thiemo did a PhD in biotechnology, where he gained a profound background and expertise in the downstream process development of biopharmaceuticals. As one of the co-founders of GoSilico, he’s responsible for initiating and managing customer partnerships. Beyond shaping a simulation-driven future for biopharma process development, his biggest passions are sailing and yoga.

Dr. Teresa Baumann

Dr. Teresa Baumann

Chief Operating Officer

In her PhD in applied mathematics, Teresa used to simulate weather and climate phenomena. Since her former math colleague Tobias invited her to join GoSilico, she switched to simulating chromatography. As a co-founder of GoSilico, she’s responsible for corporate functions and communication. Whenever she’s not going silico, she likes running, biking and contemporary Jazz.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch

Scientific Advisor

As a professor in biopharmaceutical process engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he has a vast overview over novel technologies and trends in the purification of bioproducts. At GoSilico, he brings in his industrial insight, expertise and vision as a technology scout. Besides being a university professor and a co-founder of GoSilico, he spends most of his free time raising his three children.

Maria Casals Peralvarez

Maria Casals Peralvarez

Junior Project Engineer

After finishing her Bachelor in Barcelona, Maria did a Master in biochemical engineering at Delft University of Technology. At GoSilico, she participates in customer project support, technology marketing and product development. Aside from her interest in modeling she enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures - that’s how she became an enthusiast of the Dutch sport korfball.

Pascal Schindler

Pascal Schindler

Team Assistant

During his school education at a business school and in the framework of his current studies of engineering management, Pascal gained a lot of knowledge in the economy section. At GoSilico he supports the team in terms of accounting, sales and administration. Besides supporting GoSilico as a team assistant, he likes doing all kinds of sport and is always open for new experiences.

Siddharth Sameer

Siddharth Sameer

Sales Manager

Coming from India, Siddharth  completed a Master in pharmaceutical biotechnology at University Halle, Germany. Since 2013, he has been gaining industrial experience in the fields off sales and business development. In his role as a sales manager, he supports GoSilico in pushing the business. In his free time, he loves to pursue his passions for meeting new people, driving cars and experimental cooking.

Till Briskot

Till Briskot

Research Engineer

After finishing his Master in bioengineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Till worked for Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Penzberg and gained profound experience in process modeling. As a research engineer at GoSilico, he uses his practical experience to support product development. While he spends most of his work live in silico, he uses his spare time for triathlon training.

Vigneshwaran Ravindran

Vigneshwaran Ravindran

Software Engineer

During his studies of computational engineering at FAU Erlangen, Vigneshwaran Ravindran gained profound expertise in fluid dynamics, simulation and optimization. At GoSilico he supports the product development team in enhancing the features and capabilities of ChromX. Apart from work, he is passionate about travelling and playing table tennis.

Anna Schubert

Anna Schubert

Team Assistant

Before joining GoSilico, Anna graduated in business administration, worked as a project manager and eventually founded her own start-up. At GoSilico, Anna is responsible for administration and support in finance management, HR and marketing. As a passionate and certified graphic designer, Anna loves to work on creative projects such as photography and web design.

Patrizia Gartner

Patrizia Gartner

Student Assistant

Patrizia holds a Bachelor in bioengineering. During an industrial internship, she gained vast experience in industrial downstream processing. At GoSilico, she applies her expertise to optimize the graphical interface of ChromX by linking the software with auxiliary user manual information. In her free time she nurtures her creative side through painting, playing the piano and performing Latin dance.



Interested in working with us?

GoSilico is a young start-up located in Karlsruhe, Germany, that serves customers worldwide. We are continuously looking for new team members who are motivated to foster cutting edge simulation technologies for the next generation of pharmaceutical bioprocess development.

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Success Stories

Gain Insight into Chromatography Modeling and Experience Success Stories Facilitated by ChromX


  • All
  • Model Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Process Characterization
  • Facility Fit and Scale Up
  • Model Development for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography

    Model Development
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  • Model Development for Polymer Fibers as Stationary Phases

    Model Development
    Permalink Image
  • Model-Based Process Development for Virus-Like Particles

    Process Optimization
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  • Optimal Experimental Design for the Determination of Isotherm Parameters

    Model Development
    Permalink Image
  • Optimization of an Antibody Polishing Step

    Process Optimization
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  • High-Throughput Micro-Scale Cultivations and Chromatography Modeling

    Process Characterization
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  • Modeling of Complex Protein Elution Behavior

    Model Development
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  • Process Optimization for an Industrial Cation Exchange Step

    Process Optimization
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  • Process Characterization for Troubleshooting

    Process Characterization
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  • Adsorber Quantification in Batch and Column Chromatography

    Facility Fit and Scale Up
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  • Over the past few decades, science has laid the foundation for computer-guided process development. We've done our job. Now it's up to you to take advantage of the scientific achievements and go in silico.

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch, KIT




Next generation process development: Stop Experimenting. GoSilico.
Thiemo Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Teresa Beck, Jürgen Hubbuch
Poster presented at: BioProcess International European Summit; 04/2018; Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Download.

Modified Batch Isotherm Determination Method for Mechanistic Model Calibration
Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Juergen Hubbuch (KIT, Karlsruhe)
Oral presentation at: ACS Spring Meeting;03/2018; New Orleans, USA. View slides online.

Scalability of Mechanistic Models for Ion Exchange Chromatography under High Load Conditions
Thiemo Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Jan Griesbach (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Basel), Stefan Hepbildikler (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg), Jürgen Hubbuch (KIT, Karlsruhe)
Poster presented at: The Fourth International Conference devoted to high-throughput process development (HTPD); 10/2017; Toledo, Spain. Download.

When DoE fails: Mechanistic modeling for chromatographic manufacturability
Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Teresa Beck, Jürgen Hubbuch
Poster presented at: 30th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography (PREP); 07/2017; Philadelphia. Download.
Poster presented at: 253rd ACS National Meeting; 04/2017; San Francsisco. Download.

Estimation of adsorption isotherm and mass transfer parameters in protein chromatography using artificial neural networks
Gang Wang, Till Briskot, Tobias Hahn, Pascal Baumann, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 03/2017; 1487:211–217. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2017.01.068

Modeling of complex antibody elution behavior under high protein load densities in ion exchange chromatography using an asymmetric activity coefficient
Thiemo C. Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Katharina Doninger, Jan Griesbach, Stefan Hepbildikler, Jürgen Hubbuch
Biotechnology Journal 03/2017, 1600336. DOI:10.1002/biot.201600336

A mechanistic model of ion-exchange chromatography on polymer fiber stationary phases
Johannes Winderl, Tobias Hahn, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 10/2016; 1475:18–30. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2016.10.057

Water on Hydrophobic Surfaces: Mechanistic Modeling of Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Gang Wang, Tobias Hahn, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 07/2016; 1465:71–78. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2016.07.085

In-Silico Process Development: Success Stories
Teresa Beck, Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Jürgen Hubbuch
Poster presented at: 29th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography; 07/2016; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Download.

Model-based conversion of a single-column batch process to 3- and 4-column periodic counter-current chromatography
Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Fabian Görlich, Gang Wang, Jürgen Hubbuch
Poster presented at: Recovery of Biological Products XVII; 06/2016; Bermuda. Download.
Poster presented at: 29th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography; 07/2016; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Download.

No use for high-throughput batch isotherms in modeling?
Thiemo Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Gang Wang, Jürgen Hubbuch
Poster presented at: Recovery of Biological Products XVII; 06/2016; Bermuda. Download.

A versatile noninvasive method for adsorber quantification in batch and column chromatography based on the ionic capacity
Thiemo Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Jürgen Hubbuch
Biotechnology Progress 05/2016; 32(3):666–677. DOI:10.1002/btpr.2228

Application of spectral deconvolution and inverse mechanistic modelling as a tool for root cause investigation in protein chromatography
Nina Brestrich, Tobias Hahn, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 03/2016; 1437:158–167. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2016.02.011

Modeling and simulation of anion-exchange membrane chromatography for purification of Sf9 insect cell-derived virus-like particles
Christopher Ladd Effio, Tobias Hahn, Julia Seiler, Stefan Oelmeier, Iris Asen, Christine Silberer, Louis Villain, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 01/2016; 1429:142-154. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2015.12.006

Insights into chromatographic separation using core-shell metal-organic frameworks: size exclusion and polarity effects
Weiwei Qin, Martin E. Silvestre, Frank Kirschhöfer, Gerald Brenner-Weiss, Matthias Franzreb
Journal of Chromatography A 09/2015; 1411:77–83. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2015.07.120

Simulating and Optimizing Preparative Protein Chromatography with ChromX
Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Vincent Heuveline, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chemical Education 09/2015; 92:1497–1502. DOI:10.1021/ed500854a

High-throughput micro-scale cultivations and chromatography modeling: Powerful tools for integrated process development
Pascal Baumann, Tobias Hahn, Jürgen Hubbuch
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 10/2015; 112:2123–2133. DOI:10.1002/bit.25630

Calibration-free inverse modeling of ion-exchange chromatography in industrial antibody purification
Tobias Hahn, Thiemo Huuk, Anna Osberghaus, Katharina Doninger, Susanne Nath, Stefan Hepbildikler, Vincent Heuveline, Jürgen Hubbuch
Engineering in Life Sciences 05/2015; 16:107–113. DOI:10.1002/elsc.201400248

UV absorption-based inverse modelling of protein chromatography
Tobias Hahn, Pascal Baumann, Thiemo Huuk, Vincent Heuveline, Jürgen Hubbuch
Engineering in Life Sciences 04/2015; 16:99–106. DOI:10.1002/elsc.201400247

Model-based integrated optimization and evaluation of a multi-step ion exchange chromatography
Thiemo C. Huuk, Tobias Hahn, Anna Osberghaus, Jürgen Hubbuch
Separation and Purification Technology 11/2014; 136:207–222. DOI:10.1016/j.seppur.2014.09.012

Adjoint-based Estimation and Optimization for Column Liquid Chromatography Models
Tobias Hahn, Anja Sommer, Anna Osberghaus, Vincent Heuveline, Jürgen Hubbuch
Computers & Chemical Engineering 05/2014; 64. DOI:10.1016/j.compchemeng.2014.01.013

A high-throughput 2D-analytical technique to obtain single protein parameters from complex cell lysates for in silico process development of ion exchange chromatography
Frieder Kröner, Dennis Elsäßer, Jürgen Hubbuch
Journal of Chromatography A 11/2013; 1318. DOI:10.1016/j.chroma.2013.09.043

ChromX - A Powerful and User-Friendly Software Package for Modeling Liquid Chromatography Processes
Tobias Hahn, Vincent Heuveline, Jürgen Hubbuch
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 08/12; 84(8). DOI:10.1002/cite.201250071




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