Software and methods for in silico bioprocess development.




GoSilico's ChromX chromatography simulation software digitalizes downstream bioprocess development. Initialize a computer model of your column with few lab experiments and simulate all further lab experiments in silico.


  • In the industry, simulation is of growing relevance. It is thus necessary to already open the student’s mind to simulation. ChromX is a versatile tool: For teaching – to show students how to use simulation for research, process optimization and engineering thinking. And for chromatography modeling in general – as the software facilitates the separation process and motivates to deeper understanding.

    Tatjana Trunzer
    Tatjana Trunzer, TUM, Bioseparation Engineering Group
  • Based on our experience, mechanistic models contribute significantly in the generation of process understanding, leading to a reduction of experimental work, enabling process optimization and supporting process characterization. ChromX enables the setup of mechanistic models in an attractive short time frame without the need to spend time on how partial differential equations are solved. Once the model is set up, the user interface is friendly for end-user process developers.

    Dr. María Iglesias González
    Dr. María Iglesias González, Bayer AG
  • Over the past few decades, science has laid the
    foundation for computer-guided process development.
    We've done our job.
    Now it's up to you to take advantage of
    the scientific achievements and go in silico.

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch, KIT
  • Mechanistic chromatography modeling can be a powerful tool for process development. Not only does it accelerate development time by reducing the experimental workload, but it also significantly improves process understanding. I believe that chromatography modeling is gaining enough momentum in the industry that it will become a staple of downstream process development in coming years.

    Dr. Steven Benner
    Dr. Steven Benner, Merck


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Get a software license and simulate your own processes on your personal computer. Benefit from free technical support, a detailed user guide, plus lots of examples and guided tutorials on modeling liquid chromatography processes.


GoSilico is dedicated to guiding you on the path from experimental to in silico process development. We’ll individually consult you with respect to your scientific background, your molecules, your process and your facilities. Together, we will find optimal solutions.


Get trained on model-based process development in individual courses on-site. We will acquaint you with all the state-of-the-art methods and technologies you need to know for simulating and optimizing your chromatography processes in silico.