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GoSilico Head of development Alexander Gutzler portrait

Alexander Gutzler

Technical Product Owner at GoSilico GmbH

Alex is Technical Product Owner at GoSilico, now part of Cytiva. Whenever there is a bug to be fixed or a feature to be implemented, he is responsible. His background is in bioprocess engineering, so much of his programming knowledge stems from Stack Overflow. He started working for GoSilico in 2016, back then still as a working student. Before joining GoSilico full-time, he gained experience from a few internships in management consulting and biopharmaceuticals, most of them with data science or IT focus. In digital bioprocess development, his main focus lays on supplying lab technicians, scientist, and managers with tools to generate and share process knowledge.

In his mind, process development software should strive to generate accessible process understanding and use it to build, qualify and transfer efficient and robust processes reliably and comprehensively. He dreams of a world where everyone has all the facts available to make the right decisions.

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