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GoSilico Lena Enghauser

Lena Enghauser

Trainee at GoSilico GmbH

Lena works as Trainee at GoSilico, now part of Cytiva, where she moves in between the service and sales team. She studied bioengineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and in Lisbon and joined GoSilico in 2020 in the course of her master thesis, where she explored the programming side of things. She is responsible for the academic outreach of GoSilico. From her perspective, curiosity and continuous learning are the main driving force for innovation and she believes the foundation should be laid by making knowledge more accessible.

Her personal mission is to utilize simulation to make process development faster. In her perfect world efficiency trumps time-consuming routines and allows for balancing work life with free time, where you can find her climbing or dancing to 20’s swing music.

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