Why ChromX?


ChromX is a versatile simulation software application for preparative liquid chromatography processes, that simplifies model-based process development. Import few experimental UV signals for calibrating the model and simulate all further lab experiments in-silico.



Highly Customizable

The modular architecture of ChromX allows the simulation of any kind of single and multi-column process in any relevant mode of chromatography. Model adsorption by utilizing one of the built-in state-of-the-art isotherm equations or add your own, customized adsorption model equation.


Excellent Simulation Framework

Thanks to the robust and versatile simulation backend of ChromX, you’ll be able to get your chromatography model simulation running within minutes – and without all the tedious fuss of implementing and configuring a numerical equation solver yourself. Since ChromX utilizes high-performance computing methods, we can guarantee you an outstanding simulation speed.


Simple & Powerful User Interface

ChromX intuitive user interface provides easy access to the control features of your chromatography process, such as dimensions, flow rates, buffer concentrations or sample injection. Control parameters can then be optimized in respect to your own objectives. Unknown parameters can be estimated from experimental UV signals, which can easily be imported in the software.


We are committed to your success and support you wherever we can.



Get a software license and simulate your own processes on your personal computer. Benefit from free technical support, a detailed user guide, plus lots of examples and guided tutorials on modeling liquid chromatography processes.


GoSilico is dedicated to guiding you on the path from experimental to in-silico process development. We’ll individually consult you with respect to your scientific background, your molecules, your process and your facilities. Together, we will find optimal solutions.


Get trained on model-based process development in individual courses on-site. We will acquaint you with all the state-of-the-art methods and technologies you need to know for simulating and optimizing your chromatography processes in-silico.

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