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Liquid chromatography simulation made easy

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ChromX – liquid chromatography simulation made easy

ChromX is a disruptive simulation software, enabling the computer-based development of preparative liquid chromatographic downstream processes. The software relies on the simulation of mechanistic models, describing chromatographic systems. It runs as a desktop application, turning your computer into a virtual process development lab.

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Cost reduction and time savings

ChromX allows you to replace your liquid chromatography experiments by cheap and fast computer simulations. Once calibrated, all further experiments can be performed on the computer – enabling in silico process optimization, robust studies, worst-case analysis and much more.


ChromX bases on the simulation of mechanistic chromatgraphy models. These models base on fundamental laws of natural sciences. Using such models, you gain a profound mechanistic understanding of your process and thereby fulfil regulatory demands on Quality-by-Design.

Knowledge Management

Your process knowledge improves from early to late stage process development phases. Mechanistic models offer a simple, yet clear language to express this knowledge in terms of mathematical equations. With ChromX, it is easy to share and manage process knowledge within your team.

Customer voices

Simone Dimartino University of Edinburgh
We believe in educating the next generation of engineers ready to tackle industry relevant challenges. ChromX is the perfect tool to achieve this goal in bioprocessing: a friendly user interface to foster student’s engagement, full access to all model equations to help reinforce their understanding, and complete flexibility to cover any case study in chromatography simulation and optimisation!
Dr. Simone Dimartino

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering: Bioprocess Engineering


School of Engineering | University of Edinburgh

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Todd Przybycien
Our group has used ChromX as a tool to support exploration of column operation scenarios, mass transport analyses and new isotherm development as part of our chromatographic bioseparations research. It’s convenient, it’s well-documented, it’s well-supported, and – most importantly for fundamental research – it’s flexible. ChromX allows us to focus on the separation science questions we want to answer without having to re-invent rigorous numerical algorithms for column chromatography simulations.
Prof. Dr. Todd M. Przybycien

Chemical and Biological Engineering


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Yuyi Shen, Bolt Biotherapeutics
The reason we chose to do this modeling with ChromX is that we saw the true benefits of it. It’s not a showcase. It’s not just beautiful, futuristic technology – it’s practical, it’s applicable to process development, and the results matter.
Dr. Yuyi Shen

Associate Director Process Development and Manufacturing


Bolt Biotherapeutics

Juergen Hubbuch portrait testimonial
Over the past few decades, science has laid thefoundation for computer-guided process development. We've done our job. Now it's up to you to take advantage of the scientific achievements and go in silico.
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch

Biomolecular Separation Engineering (MAB)



Benner Steven Merck portrait testimonial
Mechanistic chromatography modeling can be a powerful tool for process development. Not only does it accelerate development time by reducing the experimental workload, but it also significantly improves process understanding. I believe that chromatography modeling is gaining enough momentum in the industry that it will become a staple of downstream process development in coming years.
Dr. Steven Benner

Associate Principal Scientist



Iglesias Gonzales Maria Bayer testimonial portrait
Based on our experience, mechanistic models contribute significantly in the generation of process understanding, leading to a reduction of experimental work, enabling process optimization and supporting process characterization. ChromX enables the setup of mechanistic models in an attractive short time frame without the need to spend time on how partial differential equations are solved. Once the model is set up, the user interface is friendly for end-user process developers.
Dr. María Iglesias González

Technology Expert - Process Design and Optimization


Bayer AG

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