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ChromX license model

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ChromX is available for commercial use and offered in a rental license model. Licenses are node-locked, but not bound to a certain user, allowing you to share a license with multiple colleagues. The ChromX license includes free software updates and improvements. Moreover, the ChromX license grants you access to GoSilico’s free technical support.

ChromX license model

ChromX is licensed on a yearly rental basis, including free software updates and free technical support during the license period. Regular software updates and improvements are key benefits of the ChromX license model, granting invaluable access to the technological progress made by a global industrial and academic modeling community.

ChromX is an expert tool for solving industrial downstream processing challenges. It does not need any prior expertise to get started although your learning curve depends on your prior knowledge. To help you get started quickly, software licenses are accompanied by comprehensive training materials including a user handbook and several detailed tutorials and case studies.

If you want an accelerated start into ChromX, please consider our software training and consulting packages. If you face head count restrictions or limited resources, GoSilico’s contract modeling service might be your chance to benefit from mechanistic chromatography simulations right away.

ChromX comes as an on-premises software and is not run in a cloud. All simulation data is stored on your IT system, no data is uploaded to the internet.

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