GoSilico is a young university spin-off that develops software and methods for computer-aided – in silico – bioprocess development.

We are a team with a collective experience of 10000+ hours in both lab work and software development. We have worked on more than 20 purification projects big and small. Our experience motivated us to create software tools and methods that will be useful for users and technically feasible. The key idea is to remove all the trouble and obstacles that we faced while working with our industrial partners. We are driven by the motivation of developing solutions that we would want to use ourselves.

We strive to substitute elaborate wet lab experiments with computer simulations that are not only a lot faster but also significantly cheaper. At the same time, our physico-chemical models allow to obtain a deeper understanding of the processes and to facilitate fulfilling quality-by-design demands of regulatory instances.

In silico bioprocess development can therefore help your enterprise to save money and time while allowing to improve the prospect of success in the development of new drugs.

Gosilico Team



  • The group of Jürgen Hubbuch at Biomolecular Separation Engineering of KIT takes first steps towards a software for chromatographic process simulation.

Tobias Hahn starts developing a chromatography simulator for academic research and teaching purposes and introduces it under the name ChromX.


Thiemo Huuk employs ChromX in an industrial project on high-throughput and model-based process development at KIT. One of the outcomes of the project is the identification of needs for a chromatography simulation software in industrial process development. Tobias continues the development of ChromX.
Thiemo and Tobias collaborate and improve ChromX.


  • The first public release of ChromX for academia goes online in March 2014. Within the first year 40 universities and research institutes license the software.


  • Tobias and Thiemo are invited to participate in the upCAT accelerator of KIT, a catalyst for young start-ups. In the following months, an elaborate business concept is established and the existing modeling technology is adjusted to meet the demands of a commercial product.


  • The start-up project obtains funding by the German Federal Ministry of Economy (BMWi) within the EXIST program (“EXIST Gründerstipendium”).


    • The company GoSilico is established in Karlsruhe, Germany, and the project is migrated to the newly established company.
    • Teresa Beck joins the project.


    • GoSilico prevails against 170 start-up companies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and wins, the Elevator Pitch BW competition.



Meet the team behind GoSilico.

Dr. Tobias Hahn (co) Chief Executive Officer

product and services

Dr. Teresa Beck Chief Operating Officer

communication, HR, PR

Dr. Thiemo Huuk (co) Chief Executive Officer

lab integration and sales

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch Scientific Advisor

scientific lead, regulatory affairs