And the winner is…: GoSilico!

No, we are not kidding: From 170 participants we finally won the BW Elevator Pitch Competition 2016! We feel so honored and are very happy about this great success.

Earlier this year, we had won the regional cup of the BW Elevator Pitch 2016 in Baden-Baden. On Friday, 17th of June, it was finally time for the finals. The competition was hosted at the headquarter of the L-Bank in Stuttgart, Germany.

Throughout the afternoon, we listened to 15 very interesting and entertaining pitches: from homemade candies, over smart apps for healthcare up to virtual reality solutions. A big variety of business fields was represented.

Starting on position 12, Teresa again explained our business in 3 minutes by means of gummi bears. Following, we were asked questions for another 3 minutes by the jury. Every single of the ten members of the jury thereupon graded our contribution by means of the oral presentation (50%) and the business model (50%).

Outstanding success for Karlsruhe region

After a delicious dinner and drinks, it was time to announce the winners: The third place went to our friends from Otego (Karlsruhe). Second place was won by CrossConnected HoloDeck (Karlsruhe), our office-mates at CyberLab. And the winner…: GoSilico! It took us some seconds to realize, that this was really us. Perplex but very happy did we stumble onto the stage, were the Minister for Economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, handed us the trophy. After having smiled into a wall of cameras, we enjoyed the rest of the evening together with other start-ups in an exciting and inspiring atmosphere. We had an amazing day and a lot of interesting talks. Thanks to everyone!

The fact, that all three winning teams come from Karlsruhe, clearly highlights Karlsruhe’s outstanding support of high-tech start-ups. At this point, we want thank CyberForum and KIT for their irreplaceable support! Great thanks also to Agentur exakt for the design of the Roll-Up, we presented in Stuttgart.

Pictures taken and provided by Elevator Pitch BW 2016.

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