BI accomplishes “Digital Twins” of their processes with ChromX

Conference site of BPI Europe 2019 in Vienna

April 2, 2019, Vienna, Austria. This year’s BioProcess International Europe conference was all about digitalizing process development. Upstream process development is greatly benefitting from approaches such as big data, artificial intelligence, and statistical models. But these methods are hardly applicable to downstream process development. Instead, mechanistic chromatography modeling was prominently presented as an extremely promising technology to digitalize downstream development.

Impressive success stories of digitalized process development were presented by Joey Studts and Alexander Wiedenmann (both Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany). Their talks highlighted the outcomes from their partnership with GoSilico. One of their case studies showed the model-based process scale-up from 16ml columns to 430l manufacturing columns using ChromX. Also, they presented their model-based process characterization activities. BI’s ambition is to derive “digital twins” of all of their processes, using ChromX, that will further pave the way towards in silico root-cause investigations.

Alexander Gutzler and Thiemo Huuk of GoSilico presented a poster on “Mechanistic Modeling as a Tool to Streamline Downstream Process Development, Scale-Up, and Characterization“ which can be downloaded here. The poster covered a bench-marking against DoE, the scale-up of processes, and model quality assessment.

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