BioProduction Congress: GoSilico, Roche and Boehringer present in silico chromatography models

Conference site at BioProduction Congress 2019

This week, the CPhI Worldwide unites the global pharmaceutical industry in Frankfurt, Germany. The key topics are digitalization and pharma 4.0. GoSilico gives two presentations and shows joint work with Roche. We’re also happy to point out to the presentation of another successful ChromX use case by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Highlights at Thursday, 7th of November:

  • 11:50: “From Mechanistic to Empirical and Back: Current Advancements in Chromatography Modeling” by Thiemo Huuk. The work outlines current applications of mechanistic chromatography models in the pharmaceutical industry and presents future models and industrial use cases.
  • 14.00: “Digitalization in Downstream Processing – Realizing Digital Twin Applications Based on Mechanistic Chromatography Models”, by Simon Kluter (Boehringer Ingelheim).
  • 16:30: “A Risk-Based Process Scale-Up Study Using Computer Simulations and Advanced Statistics” by Till Briskot. This work conducted with Roche Penzberg shows a mechanistic model for process scale up and process characterization.

Take your chance and get inspired about the benefits from a digital twin for your process development.

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