Chromatography simulation exhibited at BioTalk Berlin

Berlin TV tower, symbolic picture for Biotalk Berlin 2018

The BioTalk event from 19th – 20th of September 2018 in Berlin is a high-class conference, that connects senior level professionals from biopharma with CDMOs and suppliers. GoSilico was delighted to partner and exhibit at the event and to showcase the ChromX process simulation technology to a large number of delegates.

“There were so many highlights at this conference.”, says Thiemo Huuk. “My personal one was the statement of a delegate of a top 10 pharma company. He closed our conversation with the remark, that GoSilico’s simulation technology is probably one of the most important breakthrough technologies in the biopharma industry for this decade!”

If you missed GoSilico at BioTalk, take your chance to meet us in October 7-12 at the Recovery conference in Asheville (NC, USA). At Recovery we will highlight the recent advances on QbD-guided, model-based process development and characterization in a talk given by Tobias Hahn. In addition, Thiemo Huuk will present GoSilico’s simulation technology applied to pH-tuned hydrophobic interaction chromatography. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Asheville

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