ChromX highlighted at the ACS in New Orleans

Street corner in New Orleans, picture taken during ACS Spring Meeting 2018

From 18th to 22nd of March 2018, GoSilico presented its model-based process development software ChromX to the American Chemical Society (ACS) in New Orleans, USA.

The annual ACS Spring Meeting is traditionally one of the most prestigious meetings on biochemical technology, bringing together international experts from industry and academia. Hundreds of industrial and scientific presentations demonstrated and presented technological novelties and disruptions, and shared the ambitious goal of advancing biotechnology to improve life.

One of the main topics of this year’s conference was the use of in silico technology to take downstream process development to the next level. And of course GoSilico could not be missed. In four very prominent talks, Tobias and Thiemo highlighted the possibilities enabled by ChromX. But not only GoSilico itself that has presented success stories: three of the GoSilico customers and partners have clearly demonstrated their cooperation with us and the benefits that ChromX brings with it.

“The highlights for me were the two presentations by Steve Benner (Merck) and Ferdinand Stückler (Roche),” says Tobias. “Steve has thoroughly investigated the causes of peak changes when comparing RoboColumns and lab-scale runs, back to the flow rate dependent mass transfer effects. Ferdinand emphasized that modeling work should always be done with a specific goal. It is wise and advisable to use a rough model in the early phase process development and refine the model throughout the product life cycle.”

Not surprisingly, both mentioned in their presentations that their simulation results were generated by GoSilico’s ChromX software.

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