EU funds for simulation of virus-like particles

Picture of virus-like particles, Copyright by Locusceruleus /

On August 3rd 2017, we were given the great news, that a collaborate proposal submitted within the PERMIDES project on personalized medicine had been assessed positively. Together with the German biopharma SME Cevec, GoSilico had submitted a project proposal earlier this year. Lucky us: We were not only granted the requested funding, but our proposal was also ranked as the best out of 45 proposals.

PERMIDES is a European project, that aims at strengthening the competitiveness and fostering the innovation potential of personalized medicine in Europe. Hereto, it funds cross-sectoral collaborations between European SMEs to address innovation barriers in the biopharma sector via cutting-edge IT solutions.

In the project, GoSilico supports Cevec in developing an individual purification process for virus-like particles (VLPs). Such drugs mimic the structure of a virus, without been infectious themselves. VLPs can be individualized for triggering a specific immune answer – for example against individual tumors.

“For GoSilico, the project allows an expansion of the application portfolio of the software ChromX: up till now, the software has been utilized for the purification of antibodies, recombinant drugs, nucleic acids and insulin.”, explains Teresa Beck. “The expansion to VLPs will allow, that even personalized vaccines against cancer can reach patients earlier and at lower costs – thanks to simulation.”

Titlepic: Copyright by Locusceruleus /