GoSilico and Genentech highlight ChromX at PREP Symposium in Baltimore

View on Baltimore harbour during PREP symposium 2018

From July 9th to 11th, 2018, GoSilico was invited to present the ChromX technology at the PREP Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography in Baltimore. PREP is the most renowned conference on preparative chromatography in the US. The conference attracts participants from academia and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world.

In his talk entitled Model-based Quality by Design in Downstream Process Development, Thiemo Huuk highlighted GoSilico’s recent advances towards an automated in-silico process characterization for fulfilling QbD demands. Further successful modeling projects using the ChromX technology were presented in the poster session of the conference. “It was a great pleasure to present and discuss our achievements in computer-guided process development for antibodies and virus-like particles to the industry”, says Thiemo Huuk.

“Nevertheless, my personal highlight was the presentation of one of our customers.”, so Huuk. “In his talk on the Application of Mechanistic Modeling to High Throughput Methods and Multivariate Study Designs in an Industrial Setting, Chris Williams from Genentech presented impressive results, showcasing a very successful application of the ChromX technology to Genentech’s sophisticated high-throughput process development workflows.“

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