GoSilico and Genentech present ChromX success stories at PREP symposium

Baltimore harbour, © Patrick Gillespie, symbolic picture for PREP Symposium 2019 in Baltimore

Over the last days, GoSilico attended the 32nd international symposium on preparative and process chromatography (PREP), Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Mechanistic chromatography modeling was one of the apparent key topics of this year’s symposium. During the two modeling session, scientists from all over the world presented their modeling approaches and shared success stories. Besides GoSilico, also two scientists from Genentech Inc. showcased their modeling approaches using our ChromX software.

In his talk on the „Modeling of Ion Exchange Chromatography: From Mechanistic to Empirical and Back”, Till Briskot presented a novel pH dependent adsorption model for IEX chromatography. The pH dependence is directly derived from the primary structure of the protein and the model can be used to simulate a wide pH range. He showed, that it also has superior extrapolation power compared to previously used approaches.

“Getting the opportunity to present on the PREP symposium is one of my personal highlights of this year. It is one of the most recognized international conference in the field of preparative chromatography. The great feedback from academia and industry encourage me to continue my work on the adsorption model.“

Title picture published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, © Patrick Gillespie.