GoSilico and Roche present risk-based decision making in bioseparation

Bernese Alps, representing the HIC/DSP conference 2019 in Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland, February 21th 2019. Over the past days, industry and academia enthusiastically discussed how to tackle future challenges in bioseparation using novel downstream processing solutions. In the framework of the 11th HIC/DSP conference, the community got together in in the stunningly beautiful Bernese Alps in Switzerland. The HIC/DSP conference provides a platform to better understand the chromatographic isolation and purification of biological targets for more than a decade.

In his talk “Assessing prediction uncertainty of mechanistic chromatography models”, Till Briskot from GoSilico presented his research on risk-based decision making in downstream process development using mechanistic chromatography models and Bayesian statistics. In his joint work with Stueckler and Hepbildikler (Roche), Hahn, Huuk and Hubbuch (GoSilico), he utilized Bayesian statistics to quantify the uncertainty/risk of mechanistic chromatography models. The work clearly showed, that mechanistic chromatography models can accurately extrapolate beyond observed process conditions.

„It was an amazing conference with many interesting contributions from industry, suppliers and academia. For me, the conference was crowned by the breathtaking scenery of the Bernese Alps.”, says Till.