GoSilico at BioProcess International 2019 in Boston

GoSilico exhibition booth at BPI Boston 2019

In early September 2019, BiotechWeekBoston was the heart of the global biopharmaceutical scene – and GoSilico in the thick of it!

At our booth, we invited the pharma community to take off their lab coats and let the computer simulate their processes. “People should be able to make sound decisions based on well understood manufacturing processes, utilizing all available information.”, says Alex, head of product development at GoSilico. Gaining a profound process understanding by linking process parameters and material attributes mechanistically to quality attributes of a drug is still an unmet need in the biopharma industry. Creating a holistic process knowledge is a key benefit of the ChromX software. Applications of a mechanistic #DigitalTwin are not restricted to process development, but support process characterization, MSAT activities, and root-cause investigation in manufacturing as well. “We were very satisfied with the extraordinary acknowledgement we got at #BPI2019”, says Thiemo.

In line with our conference booth, we further presented a poster in collaboration with Roche (Penzberg, Germany) highlighting the capabilities of mechanistic modeling to gain and enhance process understanding.

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