New year, new conference season

Tokyo at night, Copyright by Moyan Brenn

Karlsruhe, 23rd of January. The new year just started and we’re highly motivated planning the upcoming conference season.

During the next months, GoSilico will be present on several international conferences. Coming up next:

  • BPI Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 26th-28th of February)
  • IFPAC (North Bethesda, MA, 3rd – 6th of March)
  • BPI West (Santa Clara, CA, 11th – 14th of March)
  • BPI Europe (Vienna, Austria, 2nd – 4th of April)
  • ACS Spring Meeting (Orlando, FL, 31st of March – 4th of April)

… and many more! This year, GoSilico’s contributions will highlight our approaches towards an automated calibration and quality assessment of ChromX computer models. Sounds interesting to you? Then let’s meet up and talk after our presentations or contact us directly.

Title picture: Tokyo at night, Copyright by Moyan Brenn (aigle_dore@Flickr).

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