Take one, leave one – Insights and best practices at CMD2019

Chromatography Modeling Days outdoor group picture

The Chromatography Modeling Days 2019 can be considered a total success. From May 27-29, process developers, modelers and innovators in the biopharmaceutical downstream community met in Mainz to discuss best practices, failures, possible applications and sustainable workflows in day-to-day life with chromatography modeling.

Besides hands-on courses in in silico modeling and an inspiring keynote held by Ernst Broberg Hansen (Novo Nordisk), modeling sessions built the heart of the CMD2019. In each session, a speaker from the industry presented a case study, highlighting their experiences and achievements. The case studies were introduced by GoSilico presenting the current state of the art and completed by an open and fruitful discussion.

The eight modeling sessions laid the ground for an intense and inspiring industry wide exchange on all kinds of topics associated with mechanistic chromatography modeling, e.g. the benefits of a simulation software such as ChromX.

True to the motto “best practices: take one, leave one” all participants gained new insights and inspired the community with their own modeling experience and critical remarks.

“For the first time, an event was organized exclusively for the purpose of professional exchange around chromatography modeling – and all relevant players joined us in Mainz for discussions, knowledge exchange and the intention to harmonize modeling workflows along the industry”, Tobias Hahn summarizes contentedly.