Touring the world again: Chromatography simulation in the focus of BPI and ESBES

Tram in Lisbon, Portugal, picture taken during ESBES 2018

In early September 2018, GoSilico again had the great pleasure to present its groundbreaking achievements in chromatography simulation to the industrial and academic community in the USA and Europe.

At the BioProcess International conference (BPI) in Boston, GoSilico was invited to present a poster on Mechanistic Modeling as a Tool to Streamline Downstream Process Development, Scale-up, and Characterization. “The BPI is one of the most renowned meetings of biopharmaceutical professionals in the US. For us, it was a highlight to receive so much positive recognition by many companies.”, says Thiemo Huuk, who represented GoSilico in Boston.

Directly after the BPI conference, GoSilico moved on to Lisbon, Portugal. At the ESBES conference, GoSilico presented recent advances in model-based quality-by-design for downstream process development in the form of a talk and a related poster. The European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES) is the largest European community of biochemical engineers, connecting industrial affiliates with academia. “The great feedback from the academic community and the valuable discussions at the conference encourages us to continue our strategy to develop simulation technology, addressing the needs of both, industrial and academic expectations.”, so Huuk.

If you missed GoSilico at the BPI and ESBES, take your chance to meet us next week on September 19. and 20. at the BioTalk meeting in Berlin (Germany) or from October 7-12 at the Recovery conference in Asheville (NC, USA). We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

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