Whitepaper on System Dynamics published

Mockup of GoSilico whitepaper on system dynamics

Karlsruhe, 14th of December 2018. We are very excited about our recent publication in IPTonline, the leading Pharmaceutical Technology Journal.

In his whitepaper called System Dynamics, Tobias Hahn gives a comprehensive overview of the modeling and simulation of protein chromatography. The simulation of chromatographic purification processes has been an interesting academic topic for decades. With the current Quality-by-Design guidelines for process understanding, simulation tools have finally transferred to industrial practice. „Chromatography modeling tools have evolved to a state where they can replace lab experiments“, says Hahn.

In his article, Hahn explains the basics of modeling and model building. In the following, the article gives an overview of the advantages of going in silico: model-based process development, optimization, scale-up and down, as well as knowledge management benefit fundamentally by „inexpensive and fast computer simulations, reducing time and lowering costs significantly“.

The publication is available online.

The title picture shows a snapshot from IPTonline.

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