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Chromatography Modeling Days

May 23-25, 2022 // venue tba // Germany

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Better together: Learn from the downstream modeling community

Industrial needs and academic developments have quickly advanced mechanistic chromatography modeling over the last years. This has paved the way to establishing mechanistic modeling as a corner stone of biopharmaceutical downstream development. On this way, an active modeling community has developed, leading the way from experimental to in silico process development.

The outbreak of the corona virus has made blatantly clear, that the industry must accelerate on this way and embrace novel technologies even faster. And it is our ambition to make this happen together.

Following the very successful CMD19 in Mainz we’re very happy to bring the international chromatography modeling community finally together again. We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Germany again in May 2022. The goal of the event is to connect professionals, learn from each other, share best practices and identify robust and sustainable work-flows.

Together with you, we aim to increase the efficiency of modeling applications, to lower the entry barrier for new users and to pave the way for a broad regulatory acceptance.
True to the motto, “best practices: take one, leave one”, we are sure you will gain new insights and inspire the community with your own modeling experience and critical remarks.

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Health care first: Meeting up with distance

Safety and confidence of our attendees are our highest priority. We are working closely together with the event venue to assure sanitary standards and social distance guidelines. Each participant will be handed over a hygienic kit and masks as well as disinfectants will be provided throughout the entire event.

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Food and drinks will be served under highest hygienic standards. Individual lunch packages will be served, instead of buffets. Glasses and cups are exchanged in every break.

All conference rooms are flooded with light and have large window fronts, so that extensive ventilation of the rooms is optimally assured. Tables and chairs are disinfected several times per day. The seating plans are adapted according to meet the required distance of 1,5m.

Also, the socializing program will be designed to meet these obligations and comply with general hygienic and distancing rules. Wherever possible, social events will be held outside. In addition to this, we decided to reduce the number of participants to 45.

As no one can foresee, which locations, bars and restaurants will be open in May 2022, we so far refrain from providing more detailed information.

Of course, we will keep an eye on the further development. If needed, we will take all further measures to guarantee highest hygienic standards such that everyone can feel safe but also free to socialize in a relaxed manner.

Preliminary schedule

Monday, May 23rdTuesday, May 24thWednesday, May 25th
12.00 pmRegistration08.30 amSession 108.30 amSession 4
Snacks & refreshmentModeling of Mab / CEX processesGood modeling practice
01.00 pmOpening10.00 amCoffee10.00 amCoffee
01.30 pmHands-on-courses10.30 amSession 210.30 amSession 5
Beginner & advancedModeling of non-CEX processesModels for troubleshooting & robustness
03.30 pmCoffee12.00 pmLunch12.00 pmWrap-up
04.00 pmHands-on-courses cont.01.00 pmSession 312.30 pmEnd
06.00 pmBreakModeling of new modalities / Non-MabBoxed Lunch
07.00 pmDinner & socializing02.30 pmCoffee
03.00 pmKeynote by Joey Studts, Boehringer Ingelheim
04.00 pmBreak
05.00 pmSocializing & Dinner

Speaking at CMD

Joey Studts Boehringer Ingelheim
Joey Studts

Director Purification and Formulation Development


Boehringer Ingelheim

Scientist working in lab
Speaking on "Fluid dynamic characterization of a pilot chromatography system as a key for scale up and process integration"
Dominik Stein

Engineer Chromatography Systems


Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Peter Schwan Speaker at CMD
Speaking on "Case study of model development for a CEX process using GE Capto resin"
Peter Schwan

Senior Expert Downstream Technologies


Bayer AG

Johannes Winderl Speaker at CMD
Johannes Winderl

Postdoctoral Scientist EU Bioprocess Development DSP


Roche Diagnostics

John Welsh Speaker at CMD
Speaking on "Evaluation of slurry plate methodologies for mechanistic modeling in industrial workflows"
John Welsh

Principal Scientist



Felix Wittkopp Speaker at CMD
Speaking on "Birth of digital twins: How to implement a modeling strategy in early-stage process development"
Felix Wittkopp

Scientist Downstream Processing Development


Roche Diagnostics GmbH

David Saleh speaker at CMD
Speaking on "Model-guided scale-up of industrial cation exchange chromatography"
David Saleh

Bioprocess Development Biologicals


Boehringer Ingelheim

Rushd Khalaf Speaker at CMD
Speaking on "Digital twins applied to the downstream process development of membrane chromatography trains of therapeutic proteins"
Rushd Khalaf

Senior Application Engineer


Millipore Sigma

Impressions Chromatography Modeling Days 2019

Testimonial CMD Feedback, participants gathering at dinner event
"I never took home so many ideas and impressions from a conference before! The event and the diner events were fantastic."
Feedback on Chromatography Modeling Days 2019
Testimonial CMD Feedback, participant filling out feedback questionnaire
Asking participants, how the CMD 2019 ranks compared to other conferences and user meetings they attended during the last year, 20 % percent rated CMD "far above average", 75 % rated it "above average" and 5 % rated "average" on a five-point scale going from "far above average" to "far below average".
Feedback on Chromatography Modeling Days 2019
Testimonial CMD Feedback, Open Space Bubble with CMD Logo
"You did an incredible job! Perfect session length, nice evening program and an overall relaxed atmosphere!"
Feedback on Chromatography Modeling Days 2019
Testimonial CMD Feedback, participants gathering outside discussing modeling issues
"It was a great experience coming together as a chromatography modeling community. I really enjoyed the various case studies and the excellent modeling discussions which you usually do not have at more general conferences."
Dr. Felix Wittkopp

Scientist Downstream Processing


Roche Diagnostics GmbH