GoSilico booth at an international biopharma conferences

BioPharma Asia – Webinar on in silico early stage chromatography PD

April 19 - April 19, 2021  |  all virtual

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Join Nick Whitelock speaking about early stage chromatography process development and the benefits of going in silico.

The webinar “Mechanistic modeling in early stage chromatography process development for improving process efficiency and productivity” provides an overview of current process innovation challenges and needs and evaluates the importance of mechanistic modeling for such processes. Also, insights into out versatile simulation software DSPX are given.

It is jontly held by Nick Whitelock and Yuyi Shen, associate director and head of process development & manufacturing at Bolt Biotherapeutics.

Please find further information and the opportunity to get registered for the cost-free webinar at BioPharma Asia.