GoSilico offers trainings on in-silico simulation of liquid chromatography. Our trainings intent to introduce your team to model-based process development and to acquaint you with state-of-the-art methods and technologies. Trainings take place regularily throughout the year in Karlsruhe, Germany. In-house trainings at your company are also possible. For more details send us your request and we will propose a tailored training program. Our team of mathematicians, software engineers, chemical engineers and biotechnologists is looking forward to sharing its knowledge and experience in in-silico chromatography with you.


Subjects Taught In Our Courses

Model Building

Insight into mathematical modeling of chromatography. Which phenomena are accounted for and how do they affect the chromatogram?

Model Calibration

How can system- and component-specific model-parameters be determined experimentally? How can information from offline analytics be included?


Objectives such as yield and purity might compete with each other. Multi-criteria optimization allows to choose the best fitting compromise in retrospect.

Experimental Design

Experiments can be optimally planned for model calibration, such that the highest statistical quality is achieved with a minimal number of experiments.

Robustness Studies

How can model quality be assessed and how do uncertainties in model parameters lead to uncertainties in the process quality attributes?


Simulating and visualizing intra-column processes and drawing conclusions about process performance: resin utilization, displacement effects, etc.