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GoSilico services

Consulting, training and contract modeling

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We are committed to your success

GoSilico is your professional and reliable software and service partner on the path from experimental to in silico process development. Our vision is to transform biopharmaceutical process development via innovative simulation technology.

Our goal: empowering you to go silico

As a company, it is our highest goal to empower you to digitalize downstream process development. Our versatile DSPX simulation software enables you to simulate downstream process experiments on the computer – in silico. The benefits are manifold and massive: higher cost-efficiency, reduced time-to-market, increased patient safety – all in line with regulatory demands on Quality-by-Design.

To support you on your road towards digital downstream development, GoSilico offers comprehensive services, helping you to seamlessly implement DSPX in your development framework.

Take our advice: Consulting by GoSilico 

GoSilico is dedicated to guiding you on the path from experimental to in silico process development. Benefit from our profound consulting expertise in setting up sustainable strategies towards biopharma 4.0. We consult you individually in respect of your scientific background, your molecules, your process and your facilities. Together, we will find optimal solutions.

Become an expert in DSPX: Training

Get trained on model-based process development in individual courses – at your location or remotely. We acquaint you with the theoretical background on mechanistic chromatography modeling and filtration as well as state-of-the-art methods and technologies you need to optimize your downstream purification processes in silico.

Outsource modeling work to GoSilico: Contract modeling

Outsource your model building activities and take advantage of our contract modeling service. Once you have given us the relevant process information and data, we take full responsibility for model building and calibration. We make sure that the resulting model perfectly fits your individual process and facility and is fully tailored to your project goal. If desired, we can even optimize your process in silico.

GoSilico consulting

Take our advice

Consulting by GoSilico

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DSPX Training

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Outsource modeling work to GoSilico

Contract modeling

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