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Take our advice: Consulting by GoSilico

GoSilico is your dedicated guide on the path from experimental to in silico process development. Benefit from GoSilico’s profound consulting expertise in setting up sustainable strategies to digitalize your process development procedures using DSPX.

Downstream process development in silico

Downstream process development fundamentally relies on experiments. As a game-changing solution, digital twins allow laboratory experiments to be replaced with in silico simulations, enabling a cheap and fast environment for research, development and innovation. Digital bioprocess twins using DSPX have an enormous potential for value creation. At the same time, they change legacy concepts from scratch.

How to implement a sustainable in silico strategy

Implementing a disruptive technology is a complex task and requires thoughtful planning to ensure sustainable success. Knowing the obstacles and risks of digitalizing process development is essential to carefully outlining strategies and solutions that match your needs.

Usability and a seamless lab integration are key factors towards sustainability. DSPX has been developed according to the demands of the industry and in close collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies and technology suppliers. DSPX is fully compatible with common FPLC systems, filtration systems and standard lab infrastructure, guaranteeing a smooth transition from experimental to in silico process development.

Schematic graph of in silico process develeopment and digitalization with DSPX

Take advice from the experts

Planning how to embed in silico process development using DSPX into your organizational processes, standard operating procedures and workflows is fundamental. We will support you in rolling out DSPX to your team, your organization, multiple sites and application areas.

It is our passion to guide you on the way from experimental to in silico process development. We will individually consult you with respect to your scientific background, your molecules, your processes and your facilities. Together, we will find the optimal solution for you, enabling a sustainable strategy towards bioprocessing 4.0.

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