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Become an expert in DSPX: Training

During a three-day training, you will learn how to set up a precise model of your downstream process, e.g. different chromatography operations, using DSPX. We’ll teach you how to use your process model to simulate further experiments, optimize your process in silico and perform virtual robustness studies. Also, you’ll become acquainted with the theoretical background of mechanistic modeling and computer simulation.

Your process, your training

If desired, we’ll work with your molecules, your materials, your process and your data. The final outcome of the training is then already a first DSPX model matching your process. In that case, we’ll request data from you prior to the training, allowing us to customize training materials.

You will receive all the following training materials:

  • A comprehensive handout of the training slides including step-by-step instructions of the model building done during the training and all respective *dspx files
  • An additional DSPX case study including step-by-step instructions and *dspx files
  • DSPX user’s guide

Finally, you’ll get a certificate of attendance proving that you are now a DSPXpert.

Participant at on-site DSPX training looking at training material

DSPX training schedule

A typical DSPX training takes three days. If you don’t have your own data to model on the third day, we’ll provide a case study for doing so. Moreover, additional topics, e.g. experimental data deisgn in line with the ideal modeling workflow, can also be tackled.

Unless you have substantial prior knowledge or special fields of interest, we recommend the following training schedule:

Day 1Day 2Day 3
[0.5 h] Welcome, expectations, software setup[3.5 h] Determination and estimation of parameters using multiple processes, steps, sensors and fractions II[5.0 h] Your case study
[2.0 h] Model review and DSPX workflow[2.0 h] Defining objectives, performing optimization[1.0 h] Wrap-up, Q&A
[1.5 h] DSPX GUI[1.5 h] Robustness studies with the sampling module
[1.5 h] Running simulations of various modes
[1.5 h] Determination and estimation of parameters using multiple processes, steps, sensors and fractions I

Do you need any prior expertise for this training?

You and your team do not need any substantial expertise to get started. However, individual learning curves depend on prior knowledge and experience with mechanistic models and computer simulation. Before the training, we will therefore consult you to make sure the training is perfectly aligned with your prerequisites.

If you’re not yet sure whether your company has the capabilities to build up the expertise in-house, it may be helpful to outsource model building activities to GoSilico – completely or partly – to accompany your own learning phase. Our experience has shown that a two-pronged approach may be very helpful to enable a smooth transition and a steep learning curve.

Request your DSPX training

Training sessions can be held in-house at your company, at our location in Karlsruhe, Germany or even remotely. In general, training can be performed throughout the year and all over the globe. We recommend enquiring at least 4 weeks prior to your preferred date, especially if you wish to incorporate your own data into the training. Our experience has shown that we can only guarantee an optimal learning progress with a maximum number of 3 participants per referent/trainer/coach. Therefore, it makes sense to clarify the number of persons to be trained from the start.

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